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With thousands of home inspections completed over the past decade in Haliburton County, Kawartha Lakes and Muskoka Lakes -- HomePro Inspections Central Ontario has the experience and expertise to ensure that your decision to purchase a home or cottage is made with confidence! Home Inspection Client

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Septic System Inspection

A septic inspection entails the close examination of all accessible components of the waste water system. Septic tanks are pumped at the time of the inspection to verify integrity, composition, and capacity to ensure adequacy for the size of home that it is intended to service. All pertinent set-backs will be measured (e.g. wells, lakes, rivers, ponds, springs, etc.)

SepticPrior to the pumper arriving on site the inspector will put a stress load of waste water on the system that is representative as to what a family would generate in a 3 hour timeframe. From there, the inspector will do a visual inspection of the entire bed and mantle of the septic field. At the time of pumping the inspector will closely observe the liquid levels within the tank to ensure that there is no flow back from the bed into the tank. All of the components of the septic tank are inspected for structural integrity and ensure that the tank size is adequate to service the home/cottage, and is it adequate for expansion.

All set backs are closely measured to ensure proper clearances have been maintained from wells (yours and your neighbours), lakes, rivers, springs and structures (garages, additions, swimming pools, tennis courts, driveways etc.).

At the end of the inspection all findings are documented in a separate reporting system and inserted into the HomeBook which you will receive at the end of the inspection.

A septic inspection can be booked at the same time as your home inspection. Our office will make all the arrangements to schedule a septic pumping company. The entire tank will be pumped of all waste and the integrity of the tank assessed.

A septic inspection typically adds approx 1 hour to an inspection. Septic inspections can only be done when there is no snow on the ground or frost in the ground.

View this document for further Understanding and Maintenance of Septic Systems.

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